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No more hunting for coupon codes.

Koupon Kitty fetches the best coupon codes for you without disrupting your shopping experience. When you are ready to buy, simply click on the browser button and Koupon Kitty gathers the best coupons across the entire web and displays them all in a list over your shopping page. Click the coupon that's best for you. Finding coupons has never been easier! Meowy!

Koupon Kitty

Drag this button to the bookmark bar in your browser

How it works

  • Click and hold the Koupon Kitty Button at the top of this page. Next, drag the button onto your browser bookmark bar. A Koupon Kitty Button should now appear on your browser bar.

  • Now go to any of your favorite shopping sites. Simply press the Koupon Kitty Button on your browser bar, and all the available coupons and deals for this site will appear on the page.

  • When you see the coupon entry field during checkout, simply click the button for the coupon code you wish to use and it will be automatically applied to your sale.

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